Dialogue Between Patient and The Doctor about Fever of Patient

Question: Alnoor has been suffering from fever for a few days. He visited a doctor. Now write a dialogue between Alinoor and the doctor.

Answer: A dialogue between Alinoor and the doctor:

Alinoor: Good evening, doctor. Will you send me some minutes?

Doctor: Of course., I will.

Alinoor: I have been suffering from fever for a few days.

Doctor: What are the signs of a fever? When do you feel temperature?

Alinoor: It’s usually between 5 to 6 pm.

Doctor: Do you feel any shivering sensation then?

Alinoor: Yes, I do.

Doctor: Do you get thirst then?

Alinoor: Yes, I get. I wish I could drink very cold water.

Doctor: When does the fever remit?

Alinoor: At late hours of the night.

Doctor: Didn’t you take any sort of treatment?

Alinoor: I was under the treatment of a village quack.

Doctor: Please, show me the prescription.

Alinoor: He doesn’t give any written prescription. He only gave me some medicine.

Doctor: Could you tell me the names of the medicines he has prescribed?

Alinoor: Sorry, sir. I can’t. But I can show you them, here are they.

Doctor: Oh, I see. He has prescribed you wrong medicines. Yours is malaria but he has given you the medicine of typhoid. Let me prescribe some medicines for you.

Alinoor: Thank you, sir.

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