Paragraph on Dengue Fever

Question: Suppose there is an outbreak of Dengue fever in your locality. You want to create awareness among the inhabitants of the area Write the causes. effects and steps to be taken to overcome the situation. (150 words)

Dengue Fever

Answer: Dengue fever is a viral fever. No other fever is so dangerous as dengue fever. Adios a kind of mosquito and the monkey carry this virus. This sort of mosquito is found in Africa. It lays eggs on standing or stagnant water. This germ spread all over the world through the sea vessels from Africa. Adies also lays its eggs on standing water in the plastic bottles. plastic contain made pots. tires, green coconut plates. polythene etc. If Adie’s mosquito bites a healthy man. the virus may get into his body or blood. The man attacked with dengue fever feels severe pain in the whole body. dizzy ‘headaches, anorexia nausea realize and red spots at different parts of the body, and unnatural stools are found. The Adies mosquito’s biting causes troubles in the bowel movement of a person. If the symptom of this disease is found. we must consult with a doctor at once and take medicine as per his advice. Medicine of paracetamol group is prescribed for dengue. fever. This fever lasts not more than seven days. And the temperature stands up to 1040-1050 at best. The victim must drink a lot of water and take a lot of vitamin C. In Bangladesh, this dengue fever has broken out in an epidemic form. The conscious people both govt. & non-govt. organizations have taken programs for making the illiterate people conscious of it through various mass media. Adios. a kind of mosquito carries virus of this disease. So, the mosquito-killing adventure is going on throughout the whole country. We should keep or make our dwelling house neat and clean for the prevention of this disease.

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