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Short Composition on The Crow

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Introduction: there are numerous birds in Bangladesh. Some birds have seen almost everywhere and some are seen seldom. The crow is a very familiar bird. It is seen always. It cows at dawn and it indicates that the night is over.

Description: the crow is not a beautiful bird. It is ugly to look at. Is color is jet-black? The crow has two bright eyes. It has strong wings. It has also a strong bill.

Kinds: there are two kinds of crows, some are large and others are smaller. The large ones are called ravens. The smaller ones are smaller.

Habits and nature: the crow is a very cunning bird. It has bad habits. It is greedy and mischievous by nature. It snatches away food from the hands of babies and even from the hands of grown-up men. It steals away food from our kitchen. At night crows live in groups on tall trees. They have a great unity and fellow feeling. If any crow falls in danger, the other crows come in a body and help it.

Its food: the crow eats everything either fresh or rotten. It lives on worms, fruits, rotten food, and dirty things. It also eats bodies of dead animals.

Nest: the crow builds its nest in high trees. Although the crow is counting, the cuckoo lays eggs in its nests. The cuckoo comes to tease the crow. Then the crow flies after the cuckoo. By this time, the cuckoo lays eggs in its nest.

Usefulness: the crow itself is dirty but it removes dirty. It eats dirt and dead bodies of animals. Thus, it makes the environment neat and clean.

Conclusion: nothing is an unmixed blessing. The crow has ugly habits. Its voice is harsh. So, everybody dislikes it. But it renders much good for us. By eating nasty and dirty things, it comes to our great use.

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