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Short Composition On the Dog

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Introduction: the dog is a domestic animal. It is found all over the world. Its body is covered with fur, which keeps it warm. It has sharpened nails and pointed teeth. With these, it tears on flesh and defends itself. It wakes up at the slightest sound. The dog has a strong sense of smell and it is a good hunter. It often sleeps by day and barks at night. It drives away thieves at night.

Description: the dog has four legs with sharp claws. Its teeth are pointed. Its body is covered with small hair. It has two keen eyes and a curling tail and two ears.

Where found: the dog is found almost everywhere in the world. It is found Bangladesh too.

Kinds: dogs are of different kinds and colors. Some dogs are big and some are small. Some dogs are white, some are black and some are red. Bulldogs are big. The greyhound can run fast. The lop-dog is small. Of these, the bulldog and the greyhound are famous for their courage.

Food: the dogs prey on small animals and likes flesh most of all. Dogs live on bread, rice, fish, and meat. They love of eating flesh.

Nature and habit: the dog is very faithful to its master. It sleeps by day and guards its master’s house at night. It has a keen sense of smell. It can get the smell of things from a long distance. It understands the mood of its master. It can run very fast. A wild dog is very fierce, but when tamed it becomes very useful and obedient.

Usefulness: the dog is very useful to us. It even gives up its life for its master. Trained dogs are used in hunting and in circuses. It barks when it sees a thief or an unknown person. It is used for hunting and tracing enemies and lost persons. But a mad dog is dangerous. Its bite is fatal.

Conclusion: the dog is a very faithful animal. It is very loyal to its master. When its master is in danger, it does not hesitate to risk its life to save him. There are many stories about the faithfulness of dogs. So, we should take care of it.




The Dog

[Hints: introduction, description, where found, kinds, food, nature, usefulness, conclusion]

The dog is a faithful pet animal. It lives in the house of men. It belongs to the family o the wolf. The dog is also a four-footed animal. It has sharp claws in its legs. The dog’s eyes are very keen. It has two ears and coiled tail. The dog is found everywhere in the world. There is a wild dog in the forest of America and Africa. They are ferocious. There are many kinds of dogs. Some dogs are brown, some are white, some are white, and some are black. Some dogs are large and some are small in size. The dog eats rice, bread, fish, and flesh very much. It is also found in milk. The dog is very faithful to its master. It can easily recognize friend and foe. It sleeps by day and watches at night. A dog can run fast. The dog is very useful to man. A good dog is a good friend. It also risks its life for his master. It watches its master’s house at night. The dog is very faithful, loyal and useful to us. So we should be kind to it.

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