Composition on The Elephant

[Hints: Introduction, Description, Kinds, where found, Food, Habit, How caught, Usefulness, Conclusion.]

Introduction: The elephant is a large four-footed animal. It is the largest of all animals on land.

Description: The elephant has four legs each like a pillar. It has a long trunk does the work of hand and nose. It has two white tusks on both sides of its trunk. Its head is large and round but its eyes are very small and the neck is short. It has two ears and they look like windowing fans. It has a short tail with a tuft of hair at the end. It is generally of ash colour and its skin is rough and hard. It is about ten feet high. The female elephant has no tusk. The elephant has no hair on its body.

kinds: There are generally two kinds of an elephant- the wild elephant and the same elephant. At first, wild elephants are caught and then they are tamed.

Where found: Elephants are found in many countries of the world. They live in the forests. There are elephants in the forests of India, Pakistan, Myanmar and Africa. White elephants are found in the forests of Myanmar only.

Food: The elephant eats grass, grain, branches of trees and fruits. They are fond of banana trees and sugarcane.

Habit: Wild elephants live in herds in the forest. Tame elephants are \try gentle and obedient. They are very intelligent too. They know how to punish their enemy. Sometimes they fight with tigers and lions. Tame elephants serve men in various ways.

How caught: Wild elephants are caught by means of Kheda. Besides this, there, are also another means.

Usefulness: People ride on elephants. Hunters ride on their back and hunt tigers. in the past elephants were used in war. Elephants also carry heavy things. Many valuable things are made of their bones and tusks.

Conclusion: The elephant, is a useful animal. So, we should try to preserve it.

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