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Paragraph on The horse

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The horse is a noble animal. It is a faithful friend of man. It is also a domestic animal. The horse is a four-footed animal. His body is covered with soft fur. He has two long ears. He has no horns. He has a mane on his neck. He has a short tail. There are many kinds of the horse. They are with, black or mixed colored. Generally, horses are of red colored. The horse is found in almost all the countries of the world. Wild horses are found in the jungle of Asia and Africa. The horse lives on grass and grain. He also eats gram, hay, and bran. The horse is generally gentle and obedient. The horse is very useful to us. He carries load and man, plows land and draws a carriage. The horse is very useful, faithful and gentle animal. So we should take care of it.



The horse

The horse is a domestic animal. It is called a noble animal. It is very intelligent. The horse has four strong legs. It has a long head, two ears, and two eyes. It has a short tail with long hair. It is the body is covered with glossy short hair. It has no horns. It has a mane on its long neck. Its hoofs are not divided. Its appearance is beautiful. There are horses of many kinds in the world. The Arabian horses are famous. They are strong, swift and beautiful. Horses are found in almost all over the world. In the forests, we find wild horses. The horse is noble and gentle by nature. It is faithful to its master. It does not lie down. It sleeps standing. It can run very fast. The mare gives birth to one colt at a time. Long ago it was a wild animal. At present, it has become a pet to men. The horse lives on grass, gram, hay, and vegetables. It does not chew the cud like the cow. The horse draws the cart and plow. We ride on it. It is used in the circus to show tricks. It is used in battles. Hunters use it. It is used also by police. The horse race is an amusement in many countries of the world. The horse is very beautiful to look at. It helps us in many ways. The Arabs drink its milk. In some countries, it plows the land. During war-time it can help us in many respects.

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