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Paragraph on The Lifestyle of Mongolians

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The people of Mongolia are called Mongolians who lead their livelihood by farming sheep and doing agriculture. Most of them are nomads and they live in tents which are called ‘Yurts’. The yurts are very easy to build and they are made of sticks and felt. According to the season they build two houses; one is for the winter and another is for the summer. They make their house temporary so that they can move around them easily according to their own choice. Generally the yurts very comfortable to live for them and according to the season, they live their separated homes. Every family likes to farm sheep and most of the families have about a thousand sheep. In summer, they take them from one place to another to graze and the Mongolians follow them on their horses. Usually, sheep are very useful for them because they get meat and wool from the sheep and they use the wool to make a thick cloth. On the other hand, horses are the most important animal for them because they like riding. They have a great leader named Genghis Khan who was also a renowned rider. So, they always like imitating him. The life of Mongolians is not so easy and they lead different lives from us.

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