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Paragraph on Women’s Contribution to The Society

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From the beginning of the world, women have been contributing a lot to build the nation more strong and fruitful besides the male. In spite of their important support, they are not given so much privilege to express themselves freely in society. In ancient society, women were looked upon without any dignity or honor. They were considered mere instruments of serving the family affairs. So they did not get proper education, respect even food. They were not given any opportunity to go outside of their houses.  But with the progress of civilization, the outlook and the attitude of the world towards women have totally changed. When they realized that, it is totally impossible for any nation to get prosperity and reach the goal without allowing women to play an active role.

They started adding the women beside them in different parts of the work. Now a day a number of women in our country are working in different garment factories besides the women of the world. By working in the factories they earn their livelihood and maintain their family. There are also many women who are working in government and non-government offices with their professionals nowadays. They are working and earning a lot not only for supporting their own family but also for contributing to the whole development of our country. Gradually they are developing themselves in every stage of life. They are now more conscious, serious, and professional. The women are now enjoying their fundamental rights.

They are seen in all the professions like doctor, teacher, banker, engineer, journalist, writer and even they are also seen in the pick of the Everest.  In spite of their better position in society still, now a number of women in both villages and towns in our country have to face a lot of social and religious bindings. They are not given equal rights. The Dory system is the worse system in our society. Only for it every year many women have lost their valuable lives. To make women more powerful for our nation, we should give them proper education and give them the chance to go ahead beside the male. So, we should change our outlook and the educated circle of our population should come forward beside government and NGOs to establish the rights of the women so that they can actively take part in nation-building.

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