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Essay on The Season I Like Best

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[Hints: Introduction; Duration of the season; Weather in this season; Why I like this season; Misery in this season; Conclusion.]

Introduction: Bangladesh is a land of six seasons. Each season appeals here with its full glory and gives nature a new look and colour. The rainy season is one of them. It is the second season of the Bengali year. Of all the season I like this seasons best.

Duration of the season: It covers the months of `Ashar’ and `Sraban’, But sometimes this season lasts up to `Ashwin’.

How caused: The south-west monsoon that blows over Bangladesh from the Bay of Bengal, brings in rains. The scorching heat of summer turns a large quantity of the sea-water into vapour. This vapour is cooled when it comes in contact with the cool air above. This cold vapour is then condensed in to cloud and causes rains.
Weather in this season: During this season, the weather remains dim. The sky remains covered with thick clouds. The sun rarely keeps through them. It rains almost all day long. Sometimes rain continues for days together. As a result, rivers, tanks, ponds, canals are full to the brim. Sometimes gusty winds blow accompanied with the flashes of lightning and the roars of thunder.

Why I like this season: I like this season for the following conditions.

(i) Nature in this season: After the severe hot days of summer, the rainy season comes with its refreshing showers to cool the heated nature. Green leaves are seen in trees. The brown and cracked fields of summer get a magical change. The meadows are carpeted with soft green. The cattle graze happily all day long. Tiny meadow flowers white, blue and yellow blossom in clusters everywhere. So, the heart of a poet after leaps up with joy at the sight of the natural beauty of this season. He becomes inspired to portray the beauty of this seasons in his poetic works.

(ii) Fishermen in this season: In this season, fishes are found in plenty in rivers, canals and ponds, So the fishermen have plenty of fishes and earn their bread well. To them, the rainy season is a boon.

Misery in this season: The rainy season is both a blessing and a curse. It is a curse on the poor shelterless people. Due to excessive rainfall, the country roads become muddy. The urban roads often become impassable. The rivers sometimes flood whole areas. These floods cause terrible havoc. Men and cattle are washed away. The houses, roads bridges and railway lines go under water. ‘In fact, the floods cut off the whole area from the outside world for days together and are often followed by famine and pestilence.

Conclusion: Bangladesh is ai agro-based country. So here, the importance of the rainy season is undeniable, from this point of view, it is a blessing to Bangladesh despite some of its drawbacks so I like this season very much.