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Short Essay on The Rivers of Bangladesh

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[Hints: introduction, classes of rivers, the source of power, the source of fish, irrigation facility, the source of the silt, the field of communication, the source of beauty, the nature of our rivers, demerits, conclusion]

A river is a flow of water. It raises from a hill and falls into a sea. Bangladesh is a land of rivers. Her rivers rise from the Himalayas and fall into the Bay of Bengal. They are brim in the rainy season and they are almost dry in summer. There are two rivers in Bangladesh. They are big and small. Out big rivers are the Padma, the Meghan, the Jamuna, and the Brahmaputra. The bringing, the mathematics, the Gomti, the Karnafuli, etc. are the small rivers of Bangladesh. The rivers are our natural wealth. They help us in many ways. Some of our rivers are the source of energy. They have strong currents. They are used to produce electricity. Fish is our main item of food after rice. The fisherman of our country catches fish from the rivers. We get sufficient fish from the rivers. The rivers are the heart of our agriculture. They can easily be used for the irrigation of our lands. Our rivers carry the silt with their agriculture. They can easily be used for the irrigation of our lands. Our rivers are the main way of communication. Steamers, launches, and boats ply through them all year round and carry passengers and goods. The rivers of Bangladesh are the source of beauty. Their beauty is a great relief to troubled hearts. They also have made Bangladesh rich, beautiful, and happy. Our life is influenced by them in many ways .our Rivers are usually claimed in the morning and winter. But they look violent and fearful in summer and autumn. Our rivers are a great source of health, wealth, and joy. But they almost every year destroy our economy through floods. As a result, fields, and roads go underwater. So, people cannot go here and there on foot. Thus, the rivers bring us sufferings. Our economy mainly depends on the rivers. Without rivers, Bangladesh cannot develop. They are the blessings of Allah of our country. They are the life of this country. They also are the source of our prosperity and progress. So, we should properly use them.


Rivers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. The economic condition of Bangladesh is mostly connected with its rivers. The rivers of Bangladesh are undoubtedly wide. But they shrink in size for insufficiency of wither in dry seasons. With the heavy rainfall in the rainy season, they become full to the brim and look terrible. The Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna, and the Kaanapali are the principal rivers of Bangladesh. Besides there’s, there are other small rivers of no less importance. All three rivers flowing through different districts of Bangladesh fall into the Bay of Bengal. In the rainy season, these rivers swell to the brim and sometimes overflow their banks and inundate the adjoining fields. They then look like the vast sheet of water all around. Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Her river makes her soil fertile by depositions the silt carried by them of the land. Paddy and jute are the main crops of Bangladesh. Irrigation is essential for the bumper growth of these crops. So the water of these rivers is used for irrigation by means of power pumps or by digging canals. It is, therefore, evident that the economic condition of the cultivators largely depends on rivers. Many kinds of fish are around in the rivers of Bangladesh. These rivers are an inexhaustible source of supply of fish to her people. The fisherman of Bangladesh earns their livelihood by fishing in these rivers. They are entirely dependent on these rivers for their living. Rivers come to our users in many ways. We bathe in river water and drink it. They help to promote trade and commerce. We export and import commercial goods through riverways. Rivers are not unmixed blessings. They overflow their banks, because of floods and damage crops, thus they also bring us untold miseries and misfortunes. The rivers of Bangladesh should be exploited properly towards economic development.

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