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Composition on Rivers of Bangladesh

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Introduction: Bangladesh is a land of rivers. There are many rivers in our country. Some are big and some are small. They wash our lands. The Padma, the Meghna, the Brahmaputra are very big and wide rivers. The Padma is the most famous of them although the Brahmaputra is one of the biggest rivers in this subcontinent. Besides, the Buriganga the Sitalakha the Daleswar, the Gumti, Karnali, Gowrie, Kumar, Arialkha and many others are small rivers. Jamuna is one of the biggest rivers of Bangladesh.

The river system: most of the rivers of our country rise from the Himalayan range and fall into the Bay of Bengal. The Padma rises at Gangotri in the Himalayan region and passing through many provinces of India like UP Bihar and West Bengal. These rivers come into our land near Rajshahi and tow down the Bay of Bengal.

The role of the rivers: the rivers of Bangladesh play an important role in the wealth of our country. They serve the farmers and fishermen alike. They supply water in the dry season and make the land fertile. The rivers serve as the main waterways of Bangladesh. They help our trade and commerce. They help the inhabitants of their banks to become prosperous. The important towns and cities are flourished by the rivers.

Influence of the rivers on the national economic development: the rivers of Bangladesh are helping the economy of the country. Since Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. She depends on the river for her development. The lands are irrigated by the water of the rivers. The rivers are dwelling place for a rich variety of fishes in all seasons. Fish is one of the main items of food for the people. By exporting fish Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign exchange. The rivers are used for producing electricity. The hydroelectric projects of the Karnafuli, the Sangu, and the Brahmaputra have helped us much.

Influence of rivers on people: the people of Bangladesh are influenced by the rivers. They love the rivers very much. They have reversing character. When the rivers are full to the brim the people sail their boats for the long destination.

The present condition of rivers: the present condition of the big rivers is not good. The big rivers are going to dry up by the artificial barrage on the rivers. The normal flow of the rivers is blocked by the barrage. The normal flow of the river should be kept.

Conclusion: the rivers are a natural asset to a country. They help the country by many sides. But the rives sometimes become furious, sometimes fertile lands with crops, villages, towns and business center go under water and flood takes heavy tolls of human lives and property.

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