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Essay on Atrai River in Bangladesh

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Atrai river flows into West Bengal and parts of northern Bangladesh. In ancient times the river was called Atreia and finds a mention in the Mahabharata. It is associated with the Karatoya river. It is produced in West Bengal and then, after flowing through the Dinajpur district of Bangladesh, it re-enters India. Kumarganj passes through development blocks Balurghat and Dakshin Dinajpur District Community. The river then tenants Bangladesh. It is divided into two rivers – Gabura and Shelob in the Dinajpur district. Cross the Barind tract and flows in Chalan Beel. This river is a perennial source of fishing, although it is often the cause of flooding in many areas during the monsoons.

The total length of the river is about 240 kilometers. The maximum depth of the river is 99 meters.

The Atrai was once one of the great rivers of North Bengal, as it is the main channel through which water is discharged from the Teesta in the Ganges. In 1787, however, the Teesta was separated from her old bed and open a new and spacious canal, through which found its way into the Brahmaputra. Since then, the Atrai has lost its meaning and now has only a few remnants of its original size.

Enter the Chalan Beel Rajshahi district that flows through and falls into the Baral, near the Nurnagar people. Previously used to plot a course toward the south after leaving the Chalan Beel Elst, until it fell into the river Yamuna, but the middle part of the old channel was Ichhamati Baral, and that in turn wiped out all of the Padma by Atrai and overwhelmed with plenty of sediment deposition.

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