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Essay on Ichamati River in Bangladesh

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Ichamati is a transboundary river flowing through India and Bangladesh and also forms the border between the two countries. The river is the problem of sedimentation, resulting in a fine flow of water in the dry season and floods during the rainy season. The experts will address the problems and remedy the situation of discussion between the governments of India and Bangladesh.

Ichamati river an ancient river that once was known as the most important river in the west of Dhaka. The river flows south to the mouth of hurasagar Jafarganj near the factory and runs Joginighat Nathpur in Munshiganj. Five pilgrimage ghats [Panchatirtha Ghat] Tirthaghat, Agla, Solepur, Joginighat Barunighat, and standing next to the river. Joginighat is located at the confluence of the rivers Brahmaputra and Ichamati. Ichamati is the name of another channel of the river Ganges in Raytrace, northwest of Bheramara in Kushtia. The river flows first west and then south through Kushtia next. The Ichamati is a transboundary river that enters India and Darshana. It then flows south along the border with Bangladesh and India and is considered Kalindi Upazila of Satkhira district Debhata change the name. It falls into the Bay of Bengal as Hariabhanga. Again, there is another river name in Dinajpur Ichamati and displays the map of the James Rennell Dhaka and Dinajpur Ichamati Ichamati the same river. After a series of hydrologists, Ichamati these three rivers, which in the past a single channel.

Immediately below Bajitpur Ghat, the questions of the Padma river Ichhamati, and after passing the town of Pabna crosses the southern district for a very winding course and enters the Hurasagar Bera just above the large village. The length of its journey from its origin in Bera is about 52 miles. During the rainy season is a beautiful river Ichhamati wide, but in winter is more than a dry, sandy bed.

While the river bed is 14 Ichamati meters higher than Churni Mathabhanga Mathabhanga is less than six inches. During the drought, the water level in the Mathabhanga is greater than the Padma. As a result, water does not enter the Ichamati during the dry season. One of the causes of sedimentation of the river was the construction of the parapet of the bridge over the railroad. The beds of the rivers in the area should be excavated to the water flow during the lean season. Since this is necessary, will be held in India and Bangladesh, it is necessary for compliance in this regard. The matter was discussed at the ministerial level, the study area to a better understanding of the problems of people in the affected area and take strong action is expected in the near future.

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