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Essay on Bhairab River in Bangladesh

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Bhairab is a river in southern Bangladesh. Go through Khulna, which the city into two parts. Bhairab river originates in the border area and through pure Meher Tengamari Jessore city. The river is about 100 miles long and 300 feet wide. Its average depth is 4 to 5 feet with a minimum flow of water that has a lot of silt.

Bhairab river, a major river delta area in the dying. His name means “terrible” and testifies to the extent that it was reached when the main volume of the hall was for them. Currently, the mainstream is not navigable on Bagherpara Upazila (Jessore District). It has two main branches, the Ichamati (Khulna-Ichamati) and Kobadak. Part of the Khulna-Ichamati in India and partly in Satkhira district, Bangladesh, which forms the border between the two countries.

Bhairab river has two branches, and the Khulna-Ichamati Kobadak. The Khulna-Ichamati forms the border between Bangladesh and India. The cities of Khulna and Jessore on the banks of the river. The development of settlements and culture were removed from the river affected.

The river is known under various names in their history known. Downstream Kaikhali Kaliganj the Kalindi and Raimangal of which has a large estuary. It is divided into two parts, called the western arm in arm Eastern Hariabhanga retaining the original name. Kaikhali Downstream, the river is known as the Khulna-Ichamati, while the south-Raymangal Hariabhanga. The total length of Bhairab has located about 250 km. In the monsoon season, the Ganges is fed, but during the dry season, it is dry. Its lower reaches still navigable throughout the year and is influenced by tides.

The Bhairab, which has a higher origin of the main river Jalangi is out of the river at one point a few miles north of arisen with (West Bengal) away. After a tortuous course in the south-east forms the boundary between towards Meherpur PS (Bangladesh) and arisen with (India) for a short distance and then turns south and flows past Meherpur hp comes to town in the south Meherpur and lost in the closure of east Kapashdanga Mathabhanga. Jalangi has clogged the intake of this river is virtually dead for a long time. The climate of poor Meherpur, located on its banks, largely due to standing water.

Jessore and Khulna city on the bank of this river. In the past, the Bhairab great influence on the development of settlements and culture in these two cities. The Hindus consider sacred. Meherpur, Chuadanga, Barobazar, Kotchandpur, Chaugachha, Jessore, Daulatpur, Khulna, Bagerhat and removed belong to the major towns on the banks of Bhairab.

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