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Essay on Titas River in Bangladesh

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Titas River is a transboundary river in southeastern Bangladesh. It comes from the state of Tripura, India, where he is as Haora River in Bengali and Kokborok Saidra language known. Flowing near Agartala (India), which occurs through Akhaura Bangladesh Upazila in Brahmanbaria district in Bangladesh, and then joins the Meghna river, south near Ashuganj. The length of the river is about 98 km. There is another river of the same name, begins as a tributary of the Meghna, and flows.

Many legends about Titas and Meghna from generation to generation in the country of the world’s largest delta of Bangladesh. Legend has it that such a Titas the daughter of Menga, who led his descendants to the Bay of Bengal, from time immemorial. Surprisingly, never mix the two streams, and maintain a remarkable line of demarcation between them. While many attribute this phenomenon toHydrographer to the difference in the properties of water from two rivers guess people think of them as mother and daughter.

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