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Composition on The Rainy Season

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Rainy Season of Bangladesh


Introduction: Bangladesh is a favorite playground of six seasons. The rainy season amounts to one of them. Ashar and Sravan are the months of the rainy season.

How caused: the rainy season comes after the scorching heat of summer. The rain in our country is caused by a periodical wind called the monsoon. It blows over Bangladesh from the south-west from the Bay of Bengal. The sea-water first gets evaporated with the heat of the sun and then gets condensed incoming touch with the cool air above and come down on earth as rain-water. Thus the clouds act as the daughter of earth and water and the nursling of the sky.

Description: the sky remains overcast with clouds. The sun remains hidden behind the clouds. It often rains for days together. Sometimes it drizzles and sometimes it rains cats and dogs. Violent blasts of wind blow. Thunders roar and lightning flashes. Rivers become full the brim and overflow their banks. Roads are covered with mud. The earth gets wet and swampy. Nature assumes a new look during the rainy season.

Sights: Bangladesh is rightly called the darling child of nature. It owes much to the rainy season. The rainy season presents us a lot of heart-touching and eye-catching sights and beauty. Fields and meadows smile with growing paddy and jute plants. They toss their heads with the air and present a very charming view. Boats of various types are seen playing with multi-colored sails. Flowers of different kinds bloom with all their beauty and glory and give off their sweet smell all around. Little children come out and get wet in the rain-water and make merriments. Houses seem to be floating on the vast sheet of water and look like thousands of small islands. Poets and writers feel a great thrill in their hearts and become inspired to portray the panoramic beauty of nature.

Advantages (merits/usefulness): it is needless to speak of the advantages or merits of the rainy season in the context of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is an agricultural country. It depends heavily on rainfall for agricultural activities. It is so dependent on the rain-water that there also goes a well-known saying, ‘agriculture in Bangladesh is a gamble of monsoons.’ A timely and sufficient rainfall helps grow bumper crops. Then our granaries are filled with golden grains. Happy small spreads over the dried lips of the farmers. It also helps the luxuriant growth of trees and plants. It cools the atmosphere and purifies the air. It also washes away the filth and dirt from the face of the earth. It has made our homeland a dreamland flowing with mild and money. This is why we eagerly pray to Almighty Allah,

“O’ god, bless us with showers of rain;
And give us water and shade.”

Disadvantages (evils/demerits): there is nothing on earth which is an unmixed blessing. The rainy season is not also an unmixed blessing. Many a road goes under water and becomes impassable. Too much rain brings the flood. Flood causes heavy damage to lives, crops, and properties. Famine breads out in the wake of floods. The sufferings of the people know no bounds. The whole economy comes to a standstill. Our national life plunges into a darkness of uncertainties. Many a man dies by snake-bites. Men have to sit idle and pass much of their time indoors. The poor and the day laborers suffer a lot. Many diseases like cholera, malaria, typhoid, dysentery etc. Break out and take heavy tolls of lives.

Conclusion: we cannot think of our agro-based economy without the existence of the rainy season. Had there been no rainfall, our country-a land of plenty and beauty-would have turned into a great dessert. This is why we hear the poet sing,

“Black cloud come down, come down,
Flower-bearing cloud, come down, come down,
Cloud like cotton, cloud like dust,
O’ let your sweet pour down.”

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