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Composition on Domestic Animals of Bangladesh

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Introduction: Domestic animals mean the animals those are kept in our houses. They come to our use in various ways.

Description of some domestic animals: The following animals are remarkable in our country.

The cow: Of the domestic animal of Bangladesh the cow is the most useful to us. It gives us milk, which is very nutritious. Milk is an ideal food for habits and good diet for the old and the sick. Ghee, butter, curd and many other sweets are made from its milk. Cow-dung is good manure and it is also used as fuel. Its bones, horns, hide and hoofs are used for different purposes.

The Buffalo: Though the buffalo looks ugly it is very useful for the peasants of Bangladesh. It is much stronger than a cow. It also gives us milk. Its milk is mostly used for making curd. It draws carts and ploughs land.

The goat: The goat is a mild and gentle animal. The goat is a mild and gentle animal. Everybody is fond of its meat. The goat also gives us milk. It costs little to keep up. So it is called the poor man’s cow.

The sheep: The sheep are also kept for the same need as a goat. Of course, the sheep do not give us milk. They like to move untidily. They are a very fearful animal. Carpets and rugs are made of its fur.
The dog: The dog is a faithful animal. It’s kept almost in every hunting and finding out thieves and criminals.

The horse: The horse is also a faithful animal like a dog. It can run very fast. We can ride on a horse and go from one place to another. It is fit for racing. It draws carriages and tills lands in some countries. Many useful things are made of its bones, mane, hide and hoofs.

The cat: The cat is gentle and cleanly by nature. It kills rats, mice and other harmful insects. It also serves as a playmate of children.

Usefulness: All the domestic animals of the country are our friends. We have depended on our animals for transport, protein food like meat and milk, manure and raw materials for industry.

Conclusion: Domestic animals are kept for the good of mankind. In view of such great importance of animals in our life, we should be very careful with them. We should provide them with food and shelter and improve their condition for our own welfare.

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