Composition on The Cat

[Hints: Introduction, Description, Nature, Food, Usefulness, Conclusion.]

Introduction: The cat is a small domestic animal. Its body is covered with soft fur. It looks like a tiger.

Description: The cat has four legs, two small ears, two bright eyes, and one round head. Her body is covered with small hair. It has sharp teeth and claws. It has soft pads under its feet. So, it can walk easily without making any sound. It can see well in the dark with bright eyes.

Nature: The cat is gentle and playful. It is very neat and clean. It likes to live in warm places. It steals when it gets the opportunity. It often plays with children.

Food: The cat lives on rice; flesh and fish. It is very fond of milk, it also eats rate small birds and insects It often steals away things of food.

Usefulness: The cat does well to us. It is a good hunter. Rats and mice eat our food and destroy our clothes. If there is a cat in a house it kills them and saves us from their troubles.

Conclusion: The cat does some good for us. So, we should take care of it.

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