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Paragraph On the Parts of The Human Body

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There are many parts of the human body. All of the parts have particular works. The main parts of our body are the head, nose, ear, mouth, neck, chest, hand, leg, stomach, foot, etc. We can see with our eyes. We watch the beauties of nature with the help of our eyes. Besides them, eyes help us to read letters, books, newspaper, magazine etc. Again, we can breathe by our nose. Without a nose, none can take oxygen from the air and live anymore. We can take smell with our nose too. Again, without a hand, we can not touch anything. We wash all the clothes and the body with our hands. We also cook food, write letters with the help of our hands. Again, without legs, we can not walk or run. The legs carry the whole body and can sometimes run away from danger. They can jump and kick football too. Without the head, we can not think anything. It thinks and makes plans. We hear with ears. Without them, we can’t hear anything. Some may think that the stomach does not do any work. But it has importance too. It digests the food and sends energy to all the parts of the body. So, at last, we can say that all the parts are important for the body.

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