Paragraph on Over Eating

Question: “Overeating means taking too much food than one needs”. Complete the following line in two paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you will write the demerits of overeating and in the second paragraph you will suggest a possible solution to it.

Over Eating

Answer: Overeating means taking too much food than one needs. It is a very bad habit. It is harmful to our health. We eat not to overload our stomach but to maintain sound health. Sound health depends on eating habits to some extent. A man who is in the habit of eating moderate food can live long and does not suffer from any kind of fatal disease. On the other hand, a man who always overloads his stomach suffers from many fatal diseases like blood pressure. heart disease etc. The poor and the illiterate take much food. They want to fill up their bellies. They do not think of the food value. They do not know that overeating causes diseases and makes a man sick. Sometimes man dies from overeating. Overeating is not at all a good habit. It tells upon our health. It makes man fat. It also makes man voracious. So the habit of overeating should be checked at any cost in order to lead a healthy life.

By raising awareness of the people the habit of overeating can be prevented to some extent. People should understand that overeating is not at all good for health. It tells upon health seriously. People should realize that overeating can not lengthen life. Rather it creates various diseases. Moreover, it will save our foreign currency which is spent on importing rice and other food items. We should also bear in mind the saying of the holy prophet that moderate eating keeps our body fit. So considering the bad effect of overeating we should give up this habit and cultivate the habit of moderate eating.

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