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Short Composition Aids as A Great Threat

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[Hints: introduction, implication of aids, syndrome of aids, causes of aids, aids in DSC, aids in LDCs, aids virus and Bangladesh, anti-determent, prevention, and conclusion]

Introduction: the world had been contaminated by the second hand participants. People being guided by evils commit different irreligious and unethical things. The blue bite of aids is destroyed to world’s civilization. An aid is the abbreviated form of acquired immune deficiency syndromes. HIV is the first stage of aids. HIV means human immune virus. HIV is the initial stage of this fatal disease which attacks physical bondage and makes it loosen. An aid is not a name of a single disease rather it is the summation of all fatal diseases that attack our body gradually. When a person gets attacked by aids, at first his body will gradually lose the power of controlling germs of the diseases. Promiscuous sexual intercourse is the main cause of aids sexual intercourse with different persons creates the dissemination of this disease. Incest sodomy, homosexuality, fornication are the irreligious things that spread the germs of aids. Aids enormously corroded the physical organs of the people of DC’s because of their continuous unethical and irreligious activities. The person of DC’s become irreligious and unethical because of the blue bite of modern science. The bad effects of aids spread out in LDC’s. The people of LDC’s have been trenchantly and severely attacked by the blue bite of aids. Illegal and unethical sexes industrious have perverted our people’s mind and aid’s has been a fatal disease of this region. India, a neighboring country of Bangladesh is largely and badly beset with this fatal disease. Thailand is a country where patients of aids virus are available. The aids patients of Bangladesh are gradually increasing at an alarming rate. Still today aids is an incurable disease, for no anti-determent has yet been invented. Doctors and researchers are trying their level best to find out its better and effective cure. It is said that prevention is better than cure. Promiscuous sexuality most not is allowed. Brothels must be ousted and banned. Finally we can say that aids is a labyrinthine disease that distorts human existence. Still today scientists have not been able to invent the dozes of anti-determent to the recovery of aids.

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