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Composition on Physical Exercise and Its Benefits

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Question: Write a short composition that expresses your opinion about “Physical Exercise and its

Answer: Life is not merely living but living in health’. Good health is the most important requirement and a precious asset of human life. To achieve success and happiness and to enjoy life, good health is essential. Physical exercise is the pre-requisite to good health. The regular movement of the limbs of the body according to rules is termed as physical exercise. Its aim is to keep a body fit and hardy. Physical exercise is good for us in a number of ways.

We know that all the parts of a machine have its individual function and unless each part is set to work, the whole machine remains inoperative. Similarly, our body is a machine and the limbs of the body should be allowed to do their individual functions to keep a body active. Physical exercises help in proper functioning of the body. It is necessary for the regular circulation of blood, proper digestion of food and for the systematic function of the nerve system.

Many of the diseases can be prevented or controlled through a particular type of exercise. Excess fat, coronary heart diseases, diabetics, asthma etc. can be effectively controlled by means of physical exercise.

Physical exercise enables a person to live a long life. The average longevity of the people who take exercise is relatively higher than the other countries.

The key to success is a hard work. Again, hard work is possible by one person who is physically fit. Physical exercise makes our body fit and painstaking and empowers us to work hard as well as to achieve success.

It is said, ‘A sound mind lives in a sound body.’ If we were healthy, we would be able to keep jolly all the time and enjoy life at full length. And if we want to be healthy, physical exercise is a must. In brief, physical exercise is essential for leading a healthy, happy and successful life on earth.

There are many forms of physical exercise. Each one is suitable for the people of a particular age. It can be indoor or outdoor or can be done with instruments. Running, swimming, horse riding, rowing, cycling, gymnastics and such other exercises are good for the limbs. Those who are not capable of doing these may try walking. Different games like football, cricket and country games like ha-du-du, Daria bandha are among the top-class exercises.

We should always keep in mind that all kinds of physical exercises are not suitable for all because different people have different capacities. Obviously harder exercises like wrestling and gymnastics are suitable for the younger people who have the energy to perform them. Weaker and old people should take the milder exercises like walking, jogging and free-hand exercises. Hard working people like rickshaw pullers, labourer’s, workers need not take physical exercise. We should keep in mind that over exercise never does well rather breaks down the health. So, we should always take such exercises as would suit us.

Physical exercise is important for the preservation of health. It also builds our character. The exercise learnt at an early age will help us enjoy better health and make better soldiers of us in our struggle of life. So, we should practice it from our early years.

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