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Essay on Health Is Wealth

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Introduction: Health means the soundness, of the body as well as the mind. It is the greatest blessing of man. A healthy man may be poor but he is happy. It is at the root of all happiness and success. 

Rules for Health: A man should follow some rules to keep good health. In order to be healthy a person must take exercise regularly, rise early and go out for a walk. He must follow- the rules of cleanliness. He should eat a balanced diet. He should drink enough water. He should sleep properly. He should control his emotions.

The benefit of Health: Health is indeed one of. the greatest possessions of life. A healthy man can work hard. He can do everything for the welfare of his family and society. Health makes his life enjoyable. It is the key to all earthly pleasure and glory. Healthy’ man is the happiest man in the world.

An unhealthy man: The man who has no health is the most unhappy man in the world. He is always worried about his health. An unhealthy man does not find happiness in life.

Why necessary: Health is wealth is a popular saying. It is the blessing of God. As health is a wealth, we must obey the rules of good health. If we are healthy, we can prosper in life.

A sound mind in a sound body: Body and mind are closely corrected with each other. They work together. A healthy man possesses both sound mind and sound body.

Students view about health: Student life is the best period to build good health. So, every student should follow the rules of health.

Conclusion: Health is essential for all activities of life. It is the source of all happiness. So, we must follow the laws of health from every childhood.

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