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Short Essay on Physical Exercise

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Health means a sound mind in a sound body. When we speak of good health, it involves both body and mind. Physical exercise is one of the best ways to be healthy because it involves both aspects of health. There are many ways to remain healthy such as food, medicine, rest, living condition, etc. but neither of them involves both body and mind. It is only the physical exercise that involves them both. Physical exercise means systematic movements of limbs and organs of a body. It can be done through games and sports, running, swimming, walking, etc. physical exercise keeps all the organs moving in proper order. It can remove as well as prevent minor problems like pain, indigestion, lethargy, sleeplessness. The ailments like hypertension, diabetes, etc. can be removed through walking. The cholesterol in the blood and fat in the tissues can be reduced or removed through physical exercise.

It is well known that prevention is better than cure. Physical exercise is related to this better aspect. It can prevent many diseases, ailments and problems. Curing of discuses needs medicine and even surgical operation. They involve a lot of money. But more alarming is that they can cause side effect and may create newer problem or diseases. In this respect, physical exercise is a better option too. Some people go the doctors to reduce their fat from the belly. They take medicine but in most of the cases, they suffer a lot from stomach disorder and other abdominal problems. Moreover, it cannot remove or reduce fat from the tissues of other parts of the body. So the risk of heart ailment remains the name. on the other hand, physical exercise and reduce or remove fat from all parts of the body, reduce the bulky abdomen, remove cholesterol from the blood and reduce the risk of a heart attack. It is my personal experience that physical exercise involves both body and mind.

After taking exercise, I feel better mentally. It gives me mental refreshment, it makes me happy and cheerful as well. After a day’s work, I walk for an hour in the afternoon. Then I can again sit for study with a fresh mind in a fresh body. But if I cannot walk for some reason, I feel that I have not done something important or special for the day. It makes me gloomy and apprehensive of accumulating fat in my body. So, there is a good relationship between body and mind to remain healthy. It is in view of the above arguments that educational institutions put emphasis on the physical exercise of the students. There is a physical instructor for this in the schools. He involves all the students in games, sports, and physical exercise. He provokes friendship and cooperation among the students through these activities. Therefore, we see that physical exercise generates enthusiasm, friendship, fellow feeling and co-operation along with making the body fit for working, reading and for living a healthy life.

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