Paragraph on How to Take Physical Exercise

Question: Your younger sister is not conscious of the rules of health. Write a paragraph telling him how he should take physical exercise. You may use the following keywords:

Systematic movement, swimming, gymnastics, then, after, Finally, limbs and organs, regular, next, first

Answer: My younger brother does not take physical exercise. So, he is weak and often ill. I told him the following things about physical exercise. First, I told him that physical exercise is the systematic movement of different limbs and organs of the human body. Physical exercise includes walking riding, swimming, playing outdoor games and gymnastics Then I advised him that he should take any of the above events. Next thing is that he should be regular in taking physical exercise. Our body is like an engine, Physical exercise makes the different parts of the engine active. If we do not take regular physical, exercise, our limbs and organs get rusted and we become ill. After taking physical exercise, he should take a little rest and then eat good food. Finally, he has to play in the field with his friends in the evening and that will make healthy.

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