Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend About the Importance of Taking Regular Physical Exercise

Question: Suppose, you are Manik / Manika. Your friend Shafi/Shafia wants to know the importance of Physical exercise. Write a dialogue between you and your friend about it.

Answer: A dialogue between Manik (myself) and Shafi (my friend) about the importance of taking regular physical exercise:

Shafi: Hello, Manik. How’re you?

Manik: I’m fine. You?

Shafi: I’m also fine. Today I like to have a discussion with you on the importance of taking regular physical exercise.

Manik: Oh, sure.

Shafi: Will you tell me why it’s important?

Manik: Well. Physical exercise makes our body strong. It keeps away diseases and provides energy for hard work.

Shafi: Well, do you think it has any importance regarding our mental health?

Manik: Of course. You know, a sound body is the abode of a sound mind. So, no doubt, physical exercise has a great influence on our mental health.

Shafi: Right you are. We need physical exercise for our mental health as well.

Manik: Exactly. Thanks.

Shafi: Welcome.

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