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Paragraph on Hilsha Fish

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Hilsha is the national fish of Bangladesh. It is very populated to the gourmands all over the world for its great taste. Hilsha is a strange creation of Nature. They live in the deep of the sea-water. But in the time of spawn, they come to the outlet of rivers of sweet water. The Padma is the lying-in-room of Hilsha fish. In the middle to the rainy season, huge Hilsha be caught in the Padma. Then the fishermen fish all day and night. The decks of the boats become full of the white Hilsha. The scales of the Hilsha fish glitter. The fishermen take the fish to the Bazar and sell them. We export a huge quantity of Hilsha fish at present and earn a lot of foreign currencies. But the quantity of Hilsha is decreasing day by day. So the government should come forward and take a hand to increase the production of this incomparable Hisha fish.

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