Dialogue Between Two Friends About Taking Physical Exercise

Question: Write a dialogue between two friends about taking physical exercise.

Answer: Dialogue between two friends about taking physical exercise:

Amin: Hello, Shafiq, where are you going?

Shafiq: Oh, Amin. I am going to gymnasium.

Amin: Why are you going there?

Shafiq: I regularly go to the gymnasium to take physical exercise.

Amin: If we walk in the morning in open fields, it will benefit our health. Then why should we go to gymnasium? Besides, if we play football or volleyball in the afternoon, it may help us to keep our body sound.

Shafiq: Yes, you are right. But if you go to the gymnasium and take regular exercise with the help of some tools, it will be more helpful to keep your body sound and make the various organs of your body stronger.

Amin: Yes, I understand now. I shall also go to the gymnasium with you.

Shafiq: Of course, I shall take you with me.

Amin: Thank you so much.

Shafiq: Most welcome.

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