Dialogue Between Father and Son Regarding His Boy’s Future Plan

Question: There is a boy whose name is Shafiq. He wants to be an engineer. Mr. Jabbar, his father, wants to make his son a good doctor. Now, write a dialogue between Shafiq and Mr. Jabbar regarding Shafiq’s future plan.

Answer: A dialogue between Shafiq and Mr. Jabbar regarding Shafiq’s future plan:

Mr. Jabbar: Hello, Shafiq. What’ve you chosen as your elective subject?

Shafiq: Higher Maths and Computer Science. papa.

Mr. Jabbar: Then you haven’t chosen Biology! Why my son?

Shafiq: Papa. I want.to be an engineer. That’s why?

Mr. Jabbar: But my son, I have an Iona cherished desire to make You a good doctor.

Shafiq: I respect your desire. But I don’t find any interest in Biology. It seems to be very hard.

Mr. Jabbar: I think, everything will be Ok in the course of time.

Shafiq: Papa, I also have a scary outlook regarding the medical profession. I can’t even think of injury, blood, operation, etc.

Mr. Jabbar: What’s your view regarding the engineering profession?

Shafiq: Oh, it’s my dream. You know, how easy I feel with math and computer from my early boyhood.

Mr. Jabbar: I see. You’re right my son. You find an interest in engineering. So, you’d go for this.

Shafiq: Thank you, papa. You’re great.

Mr. Jabbar: May Allah blesses you.

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