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Composition on My Aim in Life

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Introduction: aim in life means to choose a profession for future life. Man is the best creation of God. He connotes run his life towards the path of prosperity and happiness without having a definite aim in life.

The necessity of an aim: our life is like a journey and a journey must have a destination. An aim in life is the best guide to reach the desired destination. We can assert that just as a compass guides a sailor on the sea to make his ship reach the desired destination of his journey properly, so also an aim is life guides a man to make his life reach the desired goal of his zigzag journey of life. A man cannot try his luck on many a profession. A proverb also says,

“A rolling stone gathers on moss”.

A life without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. Again, The Allah (God) has sent a man on earth with a great mission of living in deeds and not in a year. This can be possible only through acting upon the following vision of life. This is whey, a definite aim in life a must to win in the battle of life and fulfil its mission.

“I slept and found that life is beauty,I woke and found that is duty”.

Different aims: different persons have a different choice, tastes, and temperament and as such, they have different aims in life, somebody desires power, somebody hankers after wealth and races and somebody craves for high honour and high dignity in the society. Some want to become a social activist and work amount the distressed humanity and leave behind them footprints of the sands of time. Again, someone wants to be an engineer of neither a doctor nor a teacher and so on. This choice of the profession entirely depends on one’s taste, aptitude and intensity of desire.

My choice: I am a student now. I have like others a definite aim in my life. It is teaching. It is a profession after my heart. I like to lead an ideal life of “plain living and high thinking.” I know that a teacher in our country is not economically wee-off. They are generally ill-paid, ill-fed, ill-clad and ill-housed. Yet to be a teacher is to be a noble ambition. I like to imagine myself watching the slowly expanding minds of young people like the petals of a flower. To choose my profession, I have been greatly inspired and guided by the following Chinese proverb.

“if you plan for a year, sow an seed.
If you plan for a decade, plant a plant
If you plan for a century, teach the people.”

Reason for choice: teaching is the noblest of all professions. ‘Teachers are more than any Other classes the guardian of civilization.’ They keep the torch of civilization ever- running. They are the potential builders of the nation. Alexander, the great, uttered. “To my father, I own my life; to Aristotle, the knowledge to live worthily.” Aristotle rightly claimed. “Those who educate children are more to be honoured than even their parents.” I think a teacher is in a better position in the society to serve the nation well and command honours and respect from the people of all walks of life. A teacher and respect from the people of all walks of life. A teacher never dies out from the memory of the people. He remains ever fresh in the innermost hearts of the living like the glittering stars studded in the sky. When he dies, he dies a noble death and is remembered until the end of the world. My motto in lifeworld is. “To serve man is to serve God.” This is why; I think the grounds of my choice to become a teacher leave no room for any controversies.

How to fulfil: life is not a bed of roses. Is rather like a battle to be fought valiantly. Mine is student life. I know that student life is the life of preparation-preparation for the struggle of life. I know, I have to face the stern reality of life with undaunted spirit and boldness. I have to work vigorously with my studies and make my way through the zigzag path of my life. I must badly need strenuous Endeavour with firm determination backed by hard lobar into consideration and decided the future has many a father, failure has none. This why I am determined to try again and again and yet again and over again to come out successful. Let me quote the poet and work accordingly.

“Though you stumble off boys, never be downcast.
Try and try again, you will succeed at last.”

I have decided to take up honours course English after passing the H.S.C examination. I hope to pass both the honour and master courses with distinctions. Then I like to go into my profession. My goal is to dedicate myself to the national campaign of making the country free from the curse of illiteracy and thereby building up a happier. The healthier and wealthier nation I do believe, I shall be able to reach my goal with the grace of Almighty Allah.

Conclusion: in fact. The successes in life largely depend on the right choice of profession. I have a determination to act upon the maxim:

“Honor and shame from no condition resell,
Act well your part and there all the honors lie.”

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