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Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend About the Value of The Physical Exercise

Question: Suppose, you are Keya and your friend is Tithi. Make a dialogue in 100 words between you and your friend about the value of physical exercise.

Answer: A dialogue between myself (Keya) and my friend, Tithi about the value of the physical exercise:

Myself: Good morning, Tithi;

Tithi: Good morning. How’re you?

Myself: I’m fine. And you?

Tithi: I feel out of sorts. I’m sick.

Myself: Don’t you take physical exercise?

Tithi: How does physical exercise help you? You aren’t going to be a body-builder or a pugilist, are you?

Myself: Of course not. But you should not think of a physical exercise that way. Physical exercise means systematic and regulated movement of the limbs and organs of the body.

Tithi: I see. But how does this movement help the body?

Myself: This movement strengthens the tissues, it builds up the muscle, it stimulates blood circulation, it tones up the digestive system, it makes the joints flexible, it keeps the body healthy and fit and wards off diseases.

Tithi: Is that so?

Myself: Certainly.

Tithi: Then I’ll begin to take physical exercise.

Myself: Do it, by all means. You can’t do better than that.

Tithi: But what can I start with?

Myself: You can start with some freehand exercises. Come to our house tomorrow early in the morning and I’ll show you some.

Tithi: OK. Thank you very much.

Myself: You’re welcome.

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