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Composition on My Favorite Author Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Question: Write a short composition about, “The Author You Like Most.” Or, “Your Favorite Author”.

Answer: I have gone through novels and stories of many renowned writers of Bengali literature of all writers, I like Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay most. His simple style and lucid language replete with humor, wit, and satire have attracted me.

His writing aimed at criticizing the evils and superstitions of the society which still prevails in the rural areas. So, his novels and stories reflected oppression of the Zamindars land-lords, feudal lords, rising capitalists and industrialists over the poor class in the villages. I like to study his novels and stories. All his writing appeared to be a golden treasure to me. I read mindur chhele, Mejdidi, Barodidi, ahesh, Palli Shamaj, Charitrahin, Griha Dah, Ramer Shumati, Devdas, Pather Davi, and many other novels written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Among his stories, Mahesh, Ramer Shumati, Malar Fol are the most remarkable for their human apple.

His style is simple but very upright. His subject matters are taken from the real life which we observe in our day to day life. The men and women of his stories and novels are, as if, our nearest one and we are very much acquainted with them, his dialogues are captivating. His characterization is really charming and appreciable. We can never forget the characters like Gafur, Gaya Ram, Barodidi, Devdas, Parbati, Chandra Mukhi, Rajlakshmi, Shrikanta etc. All these characters stir our filing and influence our mind very actively. Sharat Chandra was not only a writer but also a social reformer and humanist.

He had a strong desire for ideal women for heavenly peace in the family life. All his female characters are created as ideal women with the extraordinary quality of patience, tolerance, endurance, sympathy, simplicity, sincerity, truthfulness. He had great sympathy for the poor and oppressed people. He was in favor of the downtrodden people. He aimed at establishing justice in society. He wanted to remove disparity and inequality from society. He advocated for removing evils, superstitions from the society.

So I admire him from the core of my heart because he was a real humanist.