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Dowry System Essay

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[Hints: Introduction, What it means, Origin of this system, Its causes, Dreadful effect of the system. Dishonorable for men, Dishonourable for women, How to eradicate, Conclusion.]

Nowadays dowry system is widely practiced in Bangladesh. It is acting upon our social life and has degraded womanhood in our country.

The term ‘Dowry’ means property or money brought by a bride to her husband. At times dowry is willingly given to the bridegrooms. It is also given by the demands of the bridegrooms or their parents. Dowry system

The custom of giving and receiving dowry originated in the Hindu community. But in recent times this system has become common among Muslims also.

Illiteracy and greed of a section of people are the main causes of this bad system. Many young men and even their parents want to be rich at the rich gifts of the brides. Some rich people also encourage this system by giving willingly tempting dowry to their daughters’ husbands. They think it to be a status symbol.

Of late, the dowry system has become a naked commercial transaction. Though it does not matter much to the affluent parents to give dowry. in the case of middle and lower middle-class families the system is a curse. Most of them are too poor to pay dowry. So many girls of marriageable age remain unmarried. They create socio­economic problems, first in the family and then in society. They feel dejected and unwanted which finally leads them to commit suicide. Even after marriage, wives are often tortured by their in-laws. This is either to get more dowry or for the failure of the poor girl’s father to honor the commitment. This evil system has become a menace in society. It vitiates the whole society and gives rise to many more evils.

To demand dowry is dishonorable and degrading for men. It is like begging. No self-respecting man can ask for and accept what is not his rightful due. Every right-minded person depends on his abilities and earns for himself and his dependants.

Dowry is originated out of the feeling of inferiority for women. But they are not inferior to men in any way. Like men, women are also the creation of Allah. So, they must not be looked down upon. They are not marketable commodities. They have the right to live in a society with honor. But the dowry system in marriage has degraded them. They can only hope for well-established bridegrooms when they can pay handsome dowry.

To eradicate this social evil, people from all sections should come forward. Only law enforcement is not enough to drive away from this system. Total change in the outlook of society is the crying need at this moment. Society must be free from this idea of disparity and false feudal values. which do not recognize woman as the equal partner of man. Additionally, strong measures should be taken against the erring parents who are indulging in this practice.

Islam forbids giving and taking dowry. It is a disgraceful system. So let us all work together and put an end to this system.

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