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Composition on Eve Teasing

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Question: Write a composition that expresses your opinion about “Eve Teasing“.

Answer: Eve teasing has become a familiar term nowadays in Bangladesh. Eve, the first woman represents worried folk and teasing means irritating. So Eve teasing is the expression of perversive sexual desire. Those who tease women are called stalkers. Now Eve teasing is being termed as sexual harassment. So whole different forms of sexual harassments are widely known as Eve teasing.

Women, especially young girls fall victim to the stalkers. Stalkers lie in wait here and there and whenever they see girls they try to draw their attraction by gestures or body language and slang language. They follow them, whistle, sing songs and even push them or touch them. The young boys usually tease young girls. They do so because their guardians have no control over them and these boys are not properly socialized and they are not taught manners and etiquette in their families. When parents lose control the boys become stalkers and they become reckless. According to psychologists most of the stalkers are actually deprived of love and affection of their parents. So they have no respect for parents and hence they have no honour for women.

Eve teasing sometimes becomes so intolerable that girls are compelled to commit suicide at an early age. Several young girls have so far committed suicide which has been reported in different newspapers and these were only because of harassment by young men on the streets. It has also been reported that elderly people and female teachers have been insulted for protesting this kind of teasing. So Eve teasing has become a great threat to the society.

We need to put an end to this social evil. One thing is motivation in the family. Parents should rear children up in the family in a way that they will learn to respect women. The girls should also behave all the more modestly in terms of their body language when walking home from school or go to school. To prevent this criminal activity there should be lawful punishment. The stalkers should be given exemplary punishment so that they refrain themselves from it. These perverted youths should be motivated in the family, at school. The government should take lawful action against them. People of the society should also come forward to stop Eve teasing.

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