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Paragraph on Ramadan

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  • What has Allah said about siam?
  • What has the holy prophet said about siam?
  • What is the religious importance of siam?
  • What is the social importance of siam?
  • What is the physical benefit of siam?

Answer: Fasting is another important pillar of Islam. Its importance is just after salat. Allah has made siam/Ramadan compulsory for all grown up Muslim men and women so that they can attain taqwa. In the hadith Qudsi, it is said that Allah Himself will reward those Muslim men and women who fast for the satisfaction of Allah and no one knows what inward Allah will give. Now we can realize the importance, Ramadan. The holy prophet has said that the holy Ramadan is the shield of the soul. In a battlefield a soldier protects himself from the attack of the enemies with his shield Similarly the holy Ramadan acts as a shield for a Muslim and prevents him from committing any crime, sin and doing any evil deeds. The holy Ramadan saves a Muslim from Jahannam. This is the religious side of the holy Ramadan. It has got many other values. It makes the rich feel the hunger of the poor. Thus, it brings the rich closer to the poor. All the year round the rich take rich items of food and as a result, they suffer from various diseases. But during the month of Ramadan, they cannot take rich foods three times a day and thus get relief from various diseases. Actually, the importance of holy Ramadan cannot be described in words.

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