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Short Essay on Madrasah Education

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[Hints: introduction, kinds, importance, problems, conclusion]

The system in which mainly the principles of the Quran, hadith, and fiqh are taught is called madrasah education, in other words, madrasah education means Islamic education. In our country, there are two systems of madrasah education. In the Alia Nesab general subjects such as English, Bengali, mathematics, science, geography, social studies etc. are also taught in the light of Islam. But in the Kaomi Nesab mainly the Quran, the hadith, and fiqh are taught. Firstly, we know that Allah said in the holy Quran, “read in the name of the Lord who had created you.” This call of Allah can be obeyed by learning Islamic lessons which are taught in the madrasah education. Secondly, our prophet (SM) said, “Acquiring knowledge is compulsory for every man and woman.” This compulsory duty can also be performed by obtaining madrasah education. Islamic teaching guides a man to lead a life fearing Allah. This quality that is ‘Taqwa’ makes up honest, truthful citizen of the country. At present, madrasah education of Alia Nesab helps to students to earn the knowledge of general subjects. This makes them fit to cope with the completion of the modern world. In brief, Madrasah education makes a man pure. It makes a society beautiful. It saves us from the path of evil and devil. It leads us to the path of peace and heaven. This system of education helps us to be spiritually developed and to make a close connection with the Almighty Allah. Madrasah education suffers from some acute problems such as lack of necessary standard syllabus, necessary equipment’s, and trained teaching staff. Here the financial problem is also very serious. The authority is not giving due importance to this education and to its need. This negligence should be removed for the greater interest of the society. Madrasah students should not suffer from inferiority complex. They should realize that they can be the true followers of Islam and honest leaders of the nation by this education. Allah helps us all to be benefited by following the Quran and sunnah.

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