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Composition on Technical Education

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Introduction: education may be divided into two classes general and technical. General education aims at filling the mind with general knowledge of arts and sciences. Technical education is the training in practical arts and science. It means learning a particular arts or science by actual practice.

Branches of technical education: there are various branches of technical education such as engineering, commercial, medical, industrial and agricultural.

Its importance: the prosperity of a country depends on her industry and industry again depends on technical knowledge. No nation can develop without a large number of technically qualified men. Infect, the most prosperous countries are those that have advanced in technical education.

Its aims: the aim of technical education is to prepare people with the necessary skill to work practically in particular field. It solves the problem of unemployment.

Technical education in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is a developing country. She needs a man with technical education to make her develop in all respects. But the offers limited facilities for technical education. There are more than seventy technical institutions all over Bangladesh. She needs hundreds of technicians now and will need more in the near future. She imports many foreign technical hands and different fields of her activities. Thus a large amount of foreign currency is spent for them every year. Our government has paid attention to this matter.

Friest benefits: technical education helps the industrialization of our country. It provides employment to a good number of citizens. It helps our country develop. Technical education aims at making a person fit for a particular vocation in life by imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge. The object is to provide the young learners with a sure foothold in the battle of life. Even he can earn himself. He need not have to look for employment anywhere.

Conclusion: technical education is a crying need of the time. Without technical and vocational education our economy cannot be improved. So technical education should be based on general education.

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