Dialogue Between Two Friends About the Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Question: Write a dialogue about the unemployment problem in Bangladesh.

Answer: A dialogue about the unemployment problem in Bangladesh:

Dilu: Hello, Bhulu, what are you doing?

Bhulu: I am reading an important article published in “The Bangladesh Times” on “Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh.”

Dilu: This is a very vital issue now. But our political leaders do not bother about it.

Bhulu: Yes, you are right. About 90 lacs of graduates are unemployed. This is a serious waste of manpower.

Dilu: But what is the cause?

Bhulu: You know that most of the unemployed persons are unskilled.

Dilu: We should make an arrangement to train them.

Bhulu: Yes, we should provide technical and vocational education side by side with our general education system.

Dilu: By providing technical education, we can turn our population into human resources. In that case, if someone does not get a job, she will be able to be self-employed.

Bhulu: Yes, you are right. We have to change our attitude about general and technical education. We should encourage technical education and technical skill rather than general education.

Dilu: Apart from this, our government should create jobs on a large scale.

Bhulu: Your suggestions and opinions are very much realistic. I appreciate it.

Dilu: Thank you so much.

Bhulu: Most welcome.

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