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Composition on Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

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Question: Write a short composition (about 250-300 words) on the “Unemployment Problem In Bangladesh”.

Answer: Bangladesh is a small country with a large population. She is struggling hard to survive with its hundreds of burning problems. The unemployment problem is one of them. It has become an acute problem nowadays.

There are many causes of the unemployment problem. Generally, there are three causes of unemployment namely, unemployment, inequitable distribution of national wealth, and overpopulation.

The present growth rate of the population in Bangladesh is 1.48%, which is very high. The abnormal growth of this population is dangerous. Our country is industrially very backward. There are a few mills, factories, and firms in our country. The mills and factories that we have can give employment to a limited number of people.

Our system of education fails to give a student an independent start in life. It has little provision for vocational training. Being an underdeveloped country, about 51% of people are illiterate, which is very tragic.

Our students and youth have a false sense of dignity and prestige of being officers. They think that service is more honorable than an independent business. People aren’t very much conscious of manual labor. In our country, national wealth is not distributed equally. It creates unemployment problems directly or indirectly. The supply of land is so limited that it cannot employ a large number of people.

Unemployment is a curse to men. Every man wants to live in peace. The unemployment problem obstructs this expectation of man. An unemployed man has to lead a vagabond life. Life becomes a burden to him. The evil effect of unemployment is not confined to the economic field only. It destroys the sense of moral values and leads to undesirable activities from the feeling of despair and anger. A society burdened with unemployed fellows can never prosper in the world. This is why the government along with the common people should work co-operatively for the removal of unemployment as one of the primary duties.

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