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Short Composition Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

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The proportion of the unemployment problem in Bangladesh has gone beyond bounds. There are various forms and causes of the unemployment problem in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. Here seasonal unemployment is found among the peasantry who after their season of sowing and weeding turn workless and unemployed.

Disguised unemployment is another form of unemployment. It is seen in many families in Bangladesh. For example, if the five active members of a family are employed in the family’s agriculture works only three members are sufferers, the extra two members, maybe called the sufferers from the disguised unemployment.

Technological unemployment is another form of unemployment. For, if the mode of production is changed and new technology is employed in production, the workers under the previous mode of production turn jobless.

The rapid growth of the population is the main cause of the unemployment problem of Bangladesh. The rate of population problem increase at present is 24 per thousand which is quite alarming.

Unemployment is a great social evil. It has given rise to various social crimes. Our unemployed youth are in total frustration. They have grown a cynical attitude and fined values hold but very little attraction to them. Their pent-up frustration gets outlets through the destructive politics of students, campus violence, widespread drug addiction, seduction, looting, arsons, rapes, murders, sabotages, and faithlessness in religion, generation clash, hooliganism, and various other social crimes. In addition, it creates a gap in kinship ties and blood relationships.

To solve this problem, the government must take adequate and proper steps. Industrialization implies the development of both large-scale and cottage industries. Agriculture will be mechanized more and more. We should pay attention to vocational and technical education. In addition, steps should be taken to increase our national income to the maximum and distribute it equitably. But all attempts will be fruitless if the population is not kept within a reasonable limit.

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