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Essay on Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

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Unemployment has become a serious problem throughout the world. But in Bangladesh, the problem is very acute. Millions of people remain unemployed year after year and in place of contributing to the development of the country, hindering national and economic progress.

The causes of unemployment are many. The rapid growth of population and the fewer number of posts in the government offices in comparison with the number of candidates are some reasons for the unemployment problem. Besides, illiteracy, the unwillingness of the people to do any kind of job, the backwardness of the industries, and not having ample scope of technical studies have also increased the problem.

Unemployment has some long-term negative impacts on the national advancement of the country. The youths are the main force of the country to get frustrated out of unemployment. Out of frustration, they engage themselves in many anti-social activities like robbery, terrorism, and violence. Many of them also become drug-addicted. As a result, the youths who are to take the country forward, become a burden for the country and bar the overall development. This situation should not go uncontrolled.

Some effective measures must be taken immediately to mitigate this problem. Industrialization is a possible solution to this problem. Setting up new mills and factories can employ many of our unemployed youths. Importance should be given to technical and vocational studies which will create employment opportunities both in the home and abroad.

The youths should also prepare their mentality to do any kind of job. Self-employment can be an effective solution to this problem. People can be employed in a number of income-generating activities like agriculture farming, poultry raising, dairy, handicrafts, and cottage industries.

It is true that unemployment is a serious problem. To reduce this problem nourishment of private sectors, providing credit by micro-credit institutions, and setting up youth training centers by the government throughout the country have created some employment opportunities for many youths.

Now integrated efforts from the private sectors and the government must be taken to mitigate the unemployment problem so that our young generation can lead an honorable life and accelerate the development of the country through their participation in economic activities.

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