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Essay on If I Were the President of Bangladesh

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Introduction: Who does not want to be great? Every man on earth wishes to be something that he is not. This is his instinctive nature. He can be whatever he likes to be in the world of imagination. I am a student. But I wish I were the president of Bangladesh.

Duties and responsibilities of the President: The post of the President is the highest position in the country. He holds great power. He has many duties and responsibilities to the people of the country. He has to look after the interest of the whole nation and ensure the safety of the state.

Why I wish to be the President of Bangladesh: To serve the country and her people is a noble task. And to perform this task the post of the President is the best of all the posts of the country. This is why I wish to be the President of Bangladesh.

Steps to be taken to develop the country: Bangladesh is a small country. But its population is very large. So, the country fails to meet the basic demands of its people with its limited resources. But If were the President of Bangladesh. I would do my best to improve this condition of the country. I would take the following measures:

  1. I would take the necessary measures to control the rapid growth of population.
  2. To remove the unemployment problem of the country, I would set up more mills and factories.
  3. I would take proper steps to stop political unrest.
  4. I would try my best to improve the country’s law-situation for the security of the people.
  5. I would encourage the agricultural sector of the country for better production of food by giving more facilities.
  6. In communication, I would bring a tremendous change.
  7. I would ensure a better education for all of the country to make an educated nation.
  8. Above all, I would take all possible steps to bring down the prices of essential commodities to relieve the people of the heavy burden of expenditure.

Conclusion: If I were really the President of Bangladesh, I would do my duties and responsibilities earnestly to the country and its people. I would employ all my energy and faculties to ensure a happy and prosperous life of the people.

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