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Rights and Duties of a Citizen

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[Hints: Introduction, His civil rights, His political rights, His duties, A true citizen, Conclusion.]

Generally, a citizen means one who lives in a city. But in the wider sense of the term, a citizen is a resident of the state who enjoys both civil and political rights. He has to do some fixed duties in return.

Each citizen of a country enjoys so many civil rights. Civil rights are those which secure the enjoyment of civilized life. A citizen enjoys the right to liberty right to life. right to use his personal property, right to work, right to practice religion, right to freedom of speech, right to educate himself and improve the standard of living, and the right of equality before low. Duties of a citizen

Every citizen of a state has so many political rights. Political rights are those which entitle a citizen to participate in the Government of the country. The right to vote, the right to elect, right to judicial safeguard. right to political power, right to hold public office, right to appeal, right to association and right to freedom of thought and such other rights which ensure full participation in the Govt. of the state are political rights. Political rights are at the root of a Democratic Government. A citizen has to discharge some primary duties. Royalty to the state and the Government is one of the prima duties of a citizen. Allegiance to law, regular payment of taxes, and honest exercise of the vote are important duties of a citizen.

A person who is fully conscious of his rights and duties to the country is a true citizen. He makes his country healthy, wealthy, and prosperous. He discharges his duties fully. He responds to the call of duty to the state as and when necessary. If necessary, he does not hesitate to sacrifice his life for the safety, security, and integrity of a state.

Rights imply duties. So, all citizens should be aware of their duties and responsibilities to the sovereignty of their country.

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