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Introduction: “A stitch in time saves nine”- this proverb teaches us punctuality and prudence. The more postictal a man is the more can he get out of his worldly life. Punctuality, however, is the term for strict adherence to the time schedule of all engagements in a day. It is punctuality that has carried great men to their enviable positions.

Punctuality, a Habit: Punctuality is an acquired virtue. It comes through practice and calls for some strong will. At first, such mechanical observance of routine may be difficult and disgusting. But with regular practice, a man shall gather increasing strength and the habit will soon strike deep root in his character. We must be careful to do a thing at the right moment. The best motto to keep before us is “Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today.”

It Brings Success: Punctuality is the virtue that crowns a man with success at every step of life. Only a punctual man has the capability and time for carrying his duties and responsibilities. Let us take an example. A student who prepares his lessons and attends the classes regularly never faces any hardship in the toughest exams. He has a convenient routine to follow which gives him sufficient time to do his studies and takes him to the top position of the class. It is by being punctual that a man can expect to succeed and snatch the crown of glory. The successful men everywhere are those who make proper use of time.

Importance of Punctuality in Professional Life: Every profession in the world demands punctuality. In professional life, a man has to deal with many people. If appointments are not attended to the minute and second, a man’s profession might suffer serious consequences. Breach of punctuality on the part of a surgeon may even result in the death of a patient. A lawyer will lose his cases if he fails to attend court in time. A businessman can never run his business smoothly and efficiently if he is not punctual. So, the necessity of punctuality is obvious.

Suffering from an Unpunctual Man: The life of an unpunctual man is always in trouble. He never succeeds in doing all the jobs exactly at the appointed hours. Ir. fact, he has no care about his career and his responsibilities. Want of punctuality reveals want of culture. An unpunctual man is never trusted with words or appointments. This is why unpunctuality produces such a bad impression on the mind of others.

Conclusion: The habit of punctuality is almost natural with western people, but we are rather careless about it yet. This has to be remedied if we are to keep pace with the modern world.

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