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Paragraph on Truthfulness

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Truthfulness is a great virtue. It is stating the whole fact. It is essential to winning other’s confidence. It brings respect. It helps one to prosper in life. It wins real friends. Truthfulness wants us to tell the actual happening without adding or concealing anything. In every walk of life, we may fall into the temptation to tell a lie. By telling a lie, one can become successful in one or two occasions but ultimately it becomes known to everybody of the actual fact. When he is exposed everybody recognizes him as a liar. Nobody trusts a liar. The habit of speaking the truth must be formed from childhood. Mothers should always encourage their children to speak the truth about whatever offense he might have done. A mother can reward a child for speaking the truth so the child will be inspired to speak the truth. Sometimes parents become unnecessarily harsh with the children. So they can nil some facts or add something to it. In this way, they form the habit of telling a lie. Parents must be very careful about forming the habit of speaking the truth in their children. Truthfulness is the stair to success.

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