Essay On Truthfulness

Introduction: There are many virtues good and bad in human character. Truthfulness is one of the noblest virtues of human beings.

What is means: Truthfulness means to be true. It is the habit of speaking the truth.

Its importance: Truth, that is strong next only to the Almighty, needs no policies, no stratagems and no licensing’s to make her victorious. We cannot obstruct its ultimate victory. Every religion teaches us the importance of truthfulness. Men have been created to pursue the truth. Those who became great in the world used to speak the truth. In order to gain other’s confidence and respect, truthfulness is indispensable. It indicates one’s mental purity and greatness. So, the importance of this great virtue is untold.

How to form this habit: Self-will is the best help in forming this good habit. It is to be practiced from one’s very tender age. The habit will gradually be formed. If once it is formed, one will speak the truth habitually.

Fife of a truthful man: A truthful man is always free from the sense of any crime. He is not afraid of anyone except the Almighty. He is always open-hearted and straightforward. He is respected and praised everywhere. He does not fear to suffer any loss in telling the truth. Sometimes, a truthful man may create jealousy in the mind of a dishonest man. But ultimately the former subdues the latter one.

Life of a liar: Nobody believes a liar. He is hated by all. He cannot gain the respect and confidence of others. Everybody avoids his conduct. So, he feels lonely and is ultimately doomed forever. Nobody recalls his name.

Conclusion: truthfulness is the virtue which brings a man closer to God. All good virtues are originated in it. So, to prove the greatness of God in creating mankind as the best of all things on earth, we must be truthful in every sense.

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