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Essay on Debating

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[Hints: Introduction, Importance, Practice, Debating society, Conclusion.]

Introduction: Debating means to approach one’s opinion with some legal arguments. It is a great virtue of spontaneous talking. It is the most successful quality of a man. People having vast knowledge but unable to argue can’t be successful in debating. To speak so fluently with arguments needs practice. Without practicing speaking none can speak well.

Importance: The man who is so much learned but having no oratory capacity can’t win the mind of the people. He can’t convince the people with the mind of the people., He can’t convince the people with the point of view because he is not a good speaker. So, the value of the debating is very great. The address is the greatest virtue of a man.

Practice: Practice makes a man perfect. If a man practices speaking regularly, he is sure to be a good orator in course of time. He must know how to speak, what to speak and when to speak to convince others. It can’t be taught. It should be earned by self endeavour. He can he master on it by hard practice.

Debating society: Students have opportunities for debating in the debating society. So almost all educational institutions have their debating society. It is an important training center.

Conclusion: Debating capacity can’t be learnt in a day. It grows day by day. After a long practice a man can be a good orator, So, all students should take part in debating regularly.