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Essay on Punctuality

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Punctuality means performing at a scheduled time. To finish any work at the right time in punctuality. Time and tide wait for none. So we must acquire the habit of punctuality that means the habit of doing our duties in fight time . . Man has a lot of duties in this short span of life. But how he can expect to finish them all unless he attends to them in their appointed time. Punctuality prevents needless waste of time, the success of both an individual and a nation depends on the proper use of time. Its importance should be realized in different spheres of life. If a man gets up late he has to hurry through this work and the result is that he gets nothing done well. He remains ever restless and ever hasty. He may have many other virtues, but all these cannot save him from failure. Punctuality.

An unpunctual man does not do anything in time. He is a curse to himself and to the nation. An unpunctual man keeps other waiting and fails to keep his own appointment. The merchant who opens his shop late in the day loses some of his customers. If a student is unpunctual. he must not do well in the examination as well as in future life.

Unpunctuality in military affairs is attended with dangerous results. Napoleon lost the battle of water too simple because one of his marshals was a few minutes late in arriving at the battlefield.

A punctual man is a blessing for himself and for the nation as well. He never lags behind. .A student, a farmer, a doctor, an engineer, a teacher achieve success in the respective field when he is punctual. On the other hand, there is no chance to be successful in the way of life. The habit of being punctual is almost natural with western people, and it is one of the reasons that has made their nations great.

The significance of punctuality in life is never negligible. It is a great virtue. Everyone should cultivate this virtue if he wants to be successful in life both temporal and divine as well.

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