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Composition on Early Rising

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Introduction: Among the habits of human being early rising is the most valuable. Like all other habits, this habit lasts all through life. It is not very difficult to form this habit. A man of a firm will easily form it. It enables us to do our work in right earnest. Benefits of early rising: He who rises early is capable of doing a larger amount of work than he who keeps late hours in bed. He who rises late feels a certain heaviness in his work. This prevents him from doing his work in time. All those who won fame in the world were early risers. Early rising leads us to be healthy and wise.

Bad effect: The man who loves to sleep too much cannot form the habit of early rising. He sets back to. his. Work and sometimes his work remains unfinished. He loses the vigor and energy of an early riser. The inability of discharging his duties leads him to face several hindrances and ultimately lie lives a miserable life.

In order to get up early, it is necessary that one should go to bed early. If anyone goes to bed early, he enjoys a considerable rest. Late sleeping and late rising are injurious to health. Nature does not approve late rising. She teaches us to be an early riser. We may learn to form this habit from birds and beasts.

Its importance in the life of students: The student who rises late begins reading late. He cannot prepare all his lessons of the day. He is scolded and caned by his teachers in school. He cannot grow up as an active and smart boy. He is dull by nature. So, it is very important for a student to leave his bed early in the morning.

Conclusion: The habit of early rising is formed at any cost. No one can help to do anything great and useful in the world unless he is in the habit of early rising. So, the proverb goes—

“Early to bed and early to rise,
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

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