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Short Paragraph on Early Rising

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Early rising is a good habit of getting up from bed early in the morning. If one wishes to rise early in the morning, he can make it into a habit. This habit is very useful to man. It improves his health and gives him energy. An early riser gets enough time to perform his daily works. He can start. His daily work earlier. He has nothing to worry about. He is never in a haste, on the other hand, a person, who does not get up early generally faces omen problems. He may be late for office, may miss schedule or even fail to perform his daily works timely. Nature is completely calm Piute then. The beautify gifts and colourful nature reminds everybody of the almighty creator. So, the early riser can enjoy all these and be benefited. An English proverb says, “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” So, we should be sincere to form this habit.


Paragraph about Early Rising

Question: Write a Paragraph about ‘Early Rising’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What does early rising mean?
  2. What is essential for us?
  3. What opportunities does the early riser have?
  4. What does think the early risen about Allah?
  5. What habit should we make?

Answer: Early rising means getting up early in the morning. It is a good habit. It is good for your health. An early riser can have some walk in the morning. In the morning the air remains fresh. So, an early riser can take fresh oxygen. The fresh air also refreshes his mind. The quiet of nature soothe his mind. He can enjoy the eye-catching beauty of nature. Beautiful birds, the clear sky, the calmness of nature makes him think about Allah. Light morning walk makes him active. It helps him to continue his daily work without any break. An early riser can have much time to do his duty. Everybody should form a habit.


Early Rising

Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Early Rising’ by answering the following questions:

  1. What is early rising?
  2. Is early rising well for health?
  3. What things enjoy an early riser?
  4. What advantages are there in early rising?

Answer: Early rising is a habit by which a man gets up early from the bed. It is useful in many ways and it is called a good habit. There is a proverb, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. An early riser can take exercise in the morning and it is essential for body and mind. He can also enjoy the fresh morning air. An early riser enjoys the beauty of nature and the colourful flowers and green leaves of the morning makes him fresh and alive. An early riser begins his daily work early and he can do more works than the people who get up late. So early rising is really the source of health, wealth and wisdom.

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